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Kaze Kuri website! May 29, 2012

Filed under: Garden stories — juliesbradley @ 7:48 pm

 Kaze Kuri website.  Twakoze cane tugirango dukore iyi website.  Turi abo mubriwaki  wa kane.  Uzowihute tugaruka muri website yancu.

Abo mumwaka wakane toronha ibifungugwa vyisa burindwi.  Mugine caheze twariye imboga ni vyamwa.  Twairya amacaroti.  Nineza cane.  Ejo genda muri website.

Welcome to our website.  We worked very hard to build this website.  We are 4th graders.  Come back and see our website again.

 Healthy food:  We as 4th graders eat healthy snacks every week.   They give us snacks for gardening.  Our teachers tell us where the food comes from and how it grows.  We use it as an example of what comes from gardening.   Most of our snacks come from plants.  Some of these snacks come from the store.  Last time we ate some fruits and vegetables (spinach and strawberries).  The bloggers favorite so far was yogurt and granola.  Our second favorite was spinach and strawberries.  We also ate some carrots.  It tasted so  good!  Please come to our website again!


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