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Our compost pile continues to grow! April 25, 2013

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Poster: Micro-organisms will do the work!

Poster: Micro-organisms will do the work!

by Estefani, Jonathan, Edgar, Samuel, and Wendy

Our compost pile continues to grow! The Compost Club has been working hard and it’s going well. The green part of the compost is the food that comes from the school kitchen. Every day after lunch, the kitchen staff gives us vegetables and fruit that they don’t use for our lunches. We do not put in dairy or anything from animals, such as meat, into the compost bin. The brown part is hay, leaves, or newspaper. Currently we use straw but it is not going as well as we want. We think we need to change our brown source to something else like newspaper and/or leaves. The newspaper and leaves might break down easier. We are also going to add worms. We are thinking about adding “red wigglers” which we will be getting from Scott Koepke from Iowa City.

We are proud that we are saving a lot of food from going to the landfill. Composting is good for the planet because the food doesn’t have to be hauled and dumped at the landfill. The finished compost will also help our garden plants grow even better. It’s also fun to interact with nature.


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