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Avocado Plants April 26, 2013

Filed under: Recipes from the garden — juliesbradley @ 8:12 pm

DSC_0902by Wadi (3rd grade)

We had fun making avocado plants in our class.  This is how you make them.  First get one avocado and open it with a knife.  Be very careful not to cut your fingers.  Next take out the avocado pit.  Clean the avocado pit, then get four toothpicks.  Stick a toothpick on the north side of the avocado and on the south, west, and east.  Finally get a plastic cup and fill it with water.  Put the avocado pit on top of the water.  Aftter a few weeks the avocado will have roots.  Put the avocado plant in a pot with dirt and you will have a pretty plant.


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