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How can Butterflies and Moths Affect the World…. May 10, 2013

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viceroy-butterflyby Linh N.

Have you ever thought how butterflies and moths would affect the world if they all have disappeared? Well, they really do affect the surroundings around us!

Butterflies and moths fly from flower to flower, spreading pollen. Pollen can be used to eat for food, or spreading flower population. Both creatures help flowers grow, and provide food to eat.

They can scare off bugs, creatures, and predators that want to eat them, because of their color and patterns on their wings. This means it could scare creatures that we humans think of pests. Their patterns are important for communication to scare off predators!

Imagine if butterflies and moths would disappear. They really make a difference to the world around us. If one species disappeared, it would really make a huge difference for the whole world.


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