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Spectacular Spinach June 2, 2014

Filed under: Recipes from the garden — juliesbradley @ 7:59 pm


By Wadi Momany

Yummmmm, spinach!  What does spinach look like? A leaf? Yes! Have you ever tasted it? NO? Don’t judge a leaf by its look.

Spinach grows in best cool weather. You should plant it in the spring. Give it water or if it rains, you won’t need to. It is native to centeral southwestern Asia.

What are its uses? You can eat spinach with salad and ranch. You can also eat it steamed or boiled. It has vitamin A, C, E,and K.

Other facts: It was used during the World War II to give soldiers better health and to make them stronger. Clearly, spinach is used for a lot of things!



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